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Weston Care are committed to bringing you the best, our specialist nurses are recognised for their specialist skills and deliver an outstanding level of healthcare.

All Weston Care staffs complete our thorough application process through our dedicated compliance team; we guarantee our Specialist Nurses are fully compliant and ready to work without delay. Our specialist nurses take pride in delivering the highest standards of healthcare ensuring each patient receives the care they deserve by the best in the profession.

Weston Care builds a personal relationship with each client; we fully understand your needs and are able to meet any requirements you may have, now and in the future. We guarantee we carefully select the right Specialist Nurse for each assignment ensuring you receive an outstanding and efficient level of service.

A large number of our clients experience varying patterns of healthcare staffing needs, these can be seasonal, geographical or specialist demand. Holidays and extended periods of absence such as maternity leave don’t have to cause you a problem; at Weston Care we are able to supply you with emergency cover at short notice.

Our team of experienced consultants can help you plan in advance so that you can maintain the continuity of care you provide every day of the year. Our role is to help plan for such variations to ensure your staffing level is continuous.

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